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Greyfox Conspiracy band logo and website

Greyfox Conspiracy band logo and website


Four-piece Southern Rock band from Wales
  • The lead singer of this band (formerly with Sons of Liberty) came to me for the design of two logos – one for his new band, Greyfox Conspiracy, and one for his radio show, Greyfox Growl.

    A long and productive discovery meeting revealed a huge range of elements that might be incorporated into the designs, from the Native American culture that he experienced while living in southern US states, to his gold mining ancestors, and the Welsh dragon. Stylistic influences included woodblock printing and other features of the Southern Rock style, as seen in the visual identities of bands like Blackberry Smoke, as well as Steampunk, which he widely references in his personal style when performing.

    We felt that one very detailed logo containing many elements could be used in contexts like t-shirts and record sleeve art, while another simpler wordmark would be needed for other uses.

    Once the logo was designed and being used successfully on merchandise, it was time to develop a website with e-commerce functionality, newsletter signup and downloadable press kit to promote the band.

    Since going live, the band has got loads of signups to the newsletter and sold a lot of t-shirts and other merch!

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