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Your website –
Your online shopfront

Running a business is hard. You can get everything right and offer a better product than your competitors, but without an effective online presence, your audience may never find out.


You want a website that stands out from the crowd and that is effortless to navigate. But most importantly, you need to connect with your audience, giving them a clear message that resonates, telling them exactly what you do and why.

Ripples & Waves Design is about helping people communicate. When you communicate effectively, people get you, and everything gets a lot easier!

Phase 1 – Planning

Phase 2 – Creation


Identifying Goals

Determine who the site is aimed at and what its purpose is. This stage involves creating user personas, drawing up a design brief and doing competitor analysis


Defining Scope

Decide what content and features the website will need to fulfil its goals. Draw up a schedule for deliverables and milestones.


Sitemap & Wireframe

Define how the content and features will interrelate. Consider the user's experience and map out their user journey. Sketch out a plan of the site.

Phase 3 – Preparing for launch


Collaborate to whatever extent you require to ensure your content is clear, targeted and optimised for search engines.

Content Creation


Now it's time to design the look of your site based on your brand identity, the design brief, and our competitor analysis.



Once you have approved the design, we move onto the construction of site – and your website starts to take shape!



It's time to make sure your site is fully responsive – so your audience can have a great experience on any device. All aspects of the site are checked to make sure they are optimised for search engines like Google.



Manual and automated testing on different devices – to check all the pages load quickly and optimally on different screens. It ensures all the links work, and any forms, checkouts, or automated content systems are properly set up.



The exciting bit! Where we send your baby out into the big wide world! It's time to find out how your audience interacts with it.


What's the best process for creating a website?

Crafting a website always starts with a process of discovery – talking to you in person or on a video call to find out the who, the what and the why of your project. It involves research and ideation. Your feedback at each phase is crucial. After all – you know your business better than anyone.


Find out the full process Ripples & Waves Design uses for creating websites:

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