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Beautyous Gourmet

Beautyous Gourmet


Landy International, China
  • This is a young, fun, highly sensory brand of bath & body products with four sub brands based on gourmet themes: Candy Pop, Juice Bar, Patisserie and Milk Bar.

    These ranges offer a way to enjoy the sensory appeal of delicious, sweet food and drink products without the unhealthy side effects. The gourmet theme allows for a huge amount of novelty in terms of product formats and packaging by mimicking the appearance of food and drink to elicit delight in the target customer. Colours are clean with bright jewel colours in the Juice Bar and Candy Pop ranges and pastels in the Patisserie and Milk Bar ranges. The brand's tone is sweet, exuberant and playful and highly suited to social media channels like Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

    The target market is Gen Z in Europe, N. America and Australia, appealing primarily to girls and young women. These consumers had endured two years of lockdowns and restrictions and now just wanted to have some fun.

    Care was taken in the design to eliminate unnecessary packaging, use recycled and recyclable packaging where possible, or to use packaging which could be repurposed once the product is used up. This is communicated to the consumer in a playful way on the packaging.

    I worked with the product development team to develop the brand story and NPD brief, and then designed label and box artwork for more than 60 SKUs.

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