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The MAVIS Study recruitment campaign

The MAVIS Study recruitment campaign


Dr Emma Anderson, Centre for Child Health, Bristol University Medical School
  • "The MAVIS Study aims to find out how to improve healthcare and equality of treatment around vaccination in pregnancy. That starts by listening to mothers and parents across the country, by gathering hundreds of experiences to understand what could be made better."

    The study needed a campaign to recruit participants. It needed to appeal to people in demographics with low vaccine uptake who don't normally take part in research, including those in specific regions of England, and people who would describe themselves as Black or from a minority ethnic group.

    There was a lot of information to convey, but it needed to be presented in bite-sized chunks, in a way that was professional, friendly, reassuring and engaging. Yellow was introduced to the brand identity as an "activating"colour. Prospective participants are guided to the website by scanning a QR code, so the site was designed to be mobile first. Microinteractions give users feedback and increase engagement; frequent buttons help navigation and make it easy for users to sign up to the study.

    This study is special becaue its design was informed by a community advisory group. Videos of a member of the group talking about how the study works and what it means to her were included on the site, with easy access for those who find reading large amounts of text challenging.

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