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Bilingua Bugs visual identity and print design

Bilingua Bugs visual identity and print design


Language classes for early learners
  • Bilingua Bugs is a brand of language courses for early learners. The classes are taught using a communicative methodology and are fun, active and highly engaging for little learners.

    The mission
    To create a complete visual identity that could be used across promotional materials, course programmes and even reward stickers. It needed to reflect the buzzing, interactive atmosphere of the classes and be appealing to adults and children alike.

    Visual identity
    The three bug characters were created to draw in children and convey the energetic, interactive and communicative nature of the classes.

    The primary colours were chosen to appeal to children and to represent the three languages taught: French, Italian and Spanish. The circle around the bugs represents a safe space and works well on social media – one of the primary means of promotion.

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