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Packaging design 101 – Part 1

Packaging design 101 – Part 1
What does packaging design do?

When was the last time you bought something just because the packaging was really appealing? Or because the information about the product conveyed on the packaging was so persuasive?

Have you ever given up on a product because the packaging was just too awkward to use? Or thrown up your hands in despair at the excessive packaging a product arrived in, vowing never to buy that brand again?

Packaging design serves as a powerful communication tool, conveying vital information about a product while capturing consumers' attention. So, it has a lot to achieve:

Protection and functionality

Of course, packaging is primarily responsible for protecting products from damage during transportation, storage, and handling. It must also be easy to use and convenient to store – sometimes for an extended length of time.

Brand identity and recognition

Packaging design is an extension of a brand's visual identity. It incorporates the brand's logo, colours, typography, and other elements to create a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. Effective packaging design helps consumers identify and connect with a specific brand, fostering brand loyalty and recall.

Differentiation and pick-up appeal

In a crowded marketplace, packaging design serves as a powerful differentiating factor. It should captivate consumers, stand out from competitors, and communicate the product's unique selling points. Intriguing designs and innovative packaging solutions can pique consumer interest and spur people into buying.

Information and communication

Packaging provides essential information about the product, such as ingredients, usage instructions, nutritional information, and safety warnings; these days it is also an excellent way of conveying a product’s sustainability credentials and encouraging recycling or responsible disposal after use. Clear and concise communication helps consumers make informed choices and builds trust in the brand.

I hope you like this content...

In this blog series, I will share with you my obsession with packaging (OK, maybe this is a bit niche… but someone out there will be interested, I’m sure!)

I will take you on a journey that starts with the history of packaging, looks at packaging trends and ends with packaging innovations and solutions to continually changing regulation. We’ll look at the evolution of packaging – from grass, through to paper and plastic, and all the way back to grass again. I hope you’ll join me – at least some of the way!

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